Our Solution

SMS Pass is an in-house developed SaaS solution designed to manage quarantine exceptions efficiently and simply. It has been designed so that deployment in a cloud is fast and scalable, although it can also be deployed “on-premise” if required. We guarantee that the SMS Pass Self-Certification Solution complies with the toughest market standards:

SMS Pass Dashboard

All graphic elements can be adapted to fit customers graphic requirements.

Our Strengths

Flexible, agile and independent from third parties

Function as a Service architecture with Serverless components that allow for the creation of ad-hoc functionalities within the system

The most significant KPIs are available in an easy-to-use web dashboard, with graphic analysis and downloadable reports

Dashboard KPIs and reports can be tailored to customer needs

All data accessible from the dashboard is supported by our big data system

Our Architecture

SMS Pass is built as a distributed solution, with the capacity of being deployed in any commercial or on-premises cloud as a Kubernetes cluster, assuring scalability, load balancing and high availability. Its self-escalating functionalities mean that the platform automatically resizes itself to meet the traffic requirements at any given moment. Every aspect of the platform is monitored: nodes, databases, messaging providers, web services, application KPIs (requests, answers, response time, queues) endpoint accesses, SSL certificates expiring times.

Open Source Components

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