Social Distancing Management

Locale Business Owners, Public Administration,  Building Management, etc.
General Public
1.Define the maximum number of attendees permitted in each time period
2.Communicate the contact number to your target customers/visitors (for SMS &  WhatsApp)
3.Manage the number of SMS PASSES sent and optimize your space!
1.People: Decide where you want to go
2.Decide how many are in your party and when you want to go
3.Send an SMS or WhatsApp for the location you want to visit
4.Get your SMS PASS and go!

Cases Studies

The beach in Gijón (Playa San Lorenzo) will have a maximum capacity of 10.500 people at any one time. 3 time slots will be chosen each day, to accommodate a maximum of 31.500 people per day. Slots chosen will be from 10am-1pm, 1:30pm-4:30pm and from 5pm-8pm.

A shopping mall will have a maximum capacity of 5,000 people at any one time. 2 hour time slots will be selected from 9am-8pm and people will be able to reserve their time slot in advance by sending an SMS or WhatsApp.

A gated-community has a swimming pool used by all residents. To accommodate social distancing requirements, 10 people can use the pool at any time during the day. 90 minute time slots can be reserved during the course of the day by sending an SMS request to the platform and ensuring that all residents can use the pool safely and efficiently.

A National Park has 500 parking spaces and can accommodate 500 cars at a time. Time slots are selected and spaces are awarded on a first-come-first-park daily basis. Additional SMS PASSES are awarded during the course of the day, as some people are expected to leave during the course of the day, according to management’s estimates.

Quarantine Exceptions

People across the globe will have access to a service by which they can request an exemption from the quarantine imposed by their government. The reply to this request will be considered as a Certification of Exemption, issued by the government. The complete flow of request and answer is based on SMS. This well-known technology, due to its universality, immediacy, no learning requirements, short adoption period and capacity to handle massive number of requests, is the best option to help manage the Covid-19 crisis. When requested by the authorities, citizens will show the SMS PASS granting the exemption.

Cases Studies

Each goverment can set your list of approved exceptions:

Select the reason for leaving home:

  • Food shopping
  • Medical care
  • Work
  • Return home
  • Bank or gasoline station
  • Etc.​