How To Use The SMS Service For Leaving Your House During Lockdown

This article was originally published on on March 25th, 2020

Many people around the world are in house quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic. To contain the spread of the virus, the Greek government has implemented a nationwide law-enforced lockdown. If you need to leave your home, you can use the following SMS service to inform authorities about going outdoors. Remember to always carry some form of identification (driver’s license or ID card) with you at all times in case you are stopped by the police. 

It is essential to be diligent and careful in order to avoid fines and needless inconvenience. The steps for sending an SMS are:

A.  Create a new SMS message to 13033 (free of charge). B.  In the body of the message write, the code number that corresponds to your reason for going out (outlined below), your full name, and address. Your message should look like this: Code number (space) Full name (space) Address The code numbers for going out during the lockdown are as follows: 1. Leave your house to go to the pharmacy or for a doctor’s visit if it is deemed necessary.2. Leave your home to go to the supermarket/mini-market if home delivery isn’t possible.3. Leave your house to go to the bank.4. Leave your house to provide help to someone in need.5. Leave your home to attend a ceremony (funeral, wedding, christening) under the conditions set by the law or as to sustain communication between divorced/separated parents and their children.6. Leave your home to do some outdoor exercise or to walk your dog.

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